Dr. Gaikwad”s Degree

ü  M.B.B.S, M.D (Sexology)

ü  D.P.M (Sex counselling)

ü  M.I.A.S (Andrology)

ü  M.I.A.S. (Sex Therapy )

ü  M.A.S.E.C.T [ Sex Education , Sex counselling & Sex  Therapy ]

ü  M.W.A.S.H [ World Sexual Health ]


The clinic, moon mind Care is located in Surat and managed by Dr. Anil Gaikwad, who is well versed in his chosen profession.

Dr. Anil Gaikwad is a Consultant in Sexologist. Dr. Gaikwad is an experienced doctor, cures the following ailments from fifteen years, and has succeeded in curing a lot of his patients and their various sexual disorders.

Dr. Gaikwad is a specialist in dealing with patients suffering from:

• Sex illness 

• Infertility (Childlessness)

• Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

• Excessive Menstrual Pain,

• Menopause Syndrome,

• Homo-Sexuality,

• Vaginal Atrophy,

• Male Menopause,

• Penile Disorders,

• Per-Menstrual Syndrome and many more. 


Dr. Anil Gaikwad  has dedicated his life in the study of human sexual Illness.


You no more have to worry and remain in depression for any of your sexual problems as Dr. Anil Gaikwad has a solution to them all, so contact him, trust him and follow him.

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