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    “Best Sexologist In Surat who makes you feel like home & solves your sexual issues within very short time.”

  • Ashish Jani

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  • Hitesh Patel

    "Made me really comfortable and explained me nicely about my diagnosis. Relieved all my anxiety regarding my problem. Good experience..."

  • krishna ladha

    "He listens to you at length. Medicines are effective and affordable. If you any have pyschatric problem Mr. Anil Gaikwad is worth visiting."

  • Ketan Kumbhani

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  • Sunil Patel

    "Wonderful interior of the clinic and very nice behavior with patients.Also very experienced Doctor in the field."                                                            

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  • Divyang Patel

    "Latest injections and Medicines are given with fast and speedy recovery"

  • atul thakar

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  • bhaumik mevavala

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  • rupesh kumar

    "Found the clinic very well maintained and though almost all the psychiatrist do sexology practice, only a few are devoted to exclusive sexology practice and this clinic is one of them."

  • Satish Patel

    "Dr.Anil Gaikwad listen to all the problems patiently.He not only suggested prescription but also suggested how to live Healthy.I personally felt very happy with the way he Interacted with me. Thanks to him."

  • Rashik Patel

    "Excellent Product & Worked great for Penis Enlargement and Sexual Dysfunction."

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    "Good results giving Dr.Anil Gaikwad terms of sperm count of my friend. Thanks, Anil sir..."

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  • Divya Datta

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    "It was really good experience with Dr. Anil Gaikwad He is a good counselor. My sexual problem got cured in 15 days with his medicine and counseling"

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